a custom reel for you

Free consultation

We'll sit and talk about who you are and what you want out of the process. It's also a good way for me to get to know "how" to write for you.

Your own personal reel (like a mini-movie)

2-3 scenes totaling 2-3 minutes written and filmed especially for you (4 hours shooting, 4 hours editing), delivery of a downloadable .mov file and/or DVD....$600.

Extras: hair/ makeup, extensive sound correction.

Introductory Special, First three actors to book a shoot...$450.

Other options

Editing of existing materials. (4 hours)...$200.

Combo: write/shoot/edit one custom scene plus editing of existing of material (2 hours shooting, 4 hours editing)...$500.

Partner Up

Create a reel with a partner. 2-3 Scenes customized for your talents, two reels distinctly edited and delivered with emphasis on each actor (4 hours shooting, 4 hours editing)...$1100.

Your own short film!

Creation of your own 6-8 minute short film. A great way for 2,3, or 4 actors to combine resources and showcase their work...$3000 (est.).

Personal Quotes

“Great Video” –Cindy Chupack producer Sex and the City, Modern Family

"A mix of Annie Hall meets Groundhog Day” - ShortsHD


Kevin Gay is the founder of Pond Hockey Films whose short film, Like Ingrid Bergman has played across the world on ShortsHD winning acclaim as the #1 Film to Watch and Editor’s Pick. He has appeared in over twenty plays and performed on the Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theater stages. His TV Pilot Blackland was a quarter-finalist in Scriptapalooza’s 2014 competition and he has directed the U.S. premiere of Maxim’s Gorky’s Philistines, coached the improv group The Bastard Siblings, and privately trained actors who’ve worked on the Steppenwolf and Victory Gardens stages in Chicago.

A graduate of Willaim Esper studios, he has written the screenplays String Theory, Little People, The Beard and Second Lives and has taught film making for over seven years.

Personal Statement

My deepest desire is to create stories that are meaningful and reflect the beauty of the human condition. This is the essential core of my work as an actor, writer, and director; to bring out the best in those around me through a patient and sincere passion to breathe life and heart and humor into even the darkest areas.